“The only thing that has helped me with my M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrom) is the deep breathing and relaxation I have learned.

I have tried various pills, potions from doctors, herbalists and others, but the only thing that has given me normality in my life has been the use of breathing improvement training. This has allowed me to manage my condition and also allows me to recharge my energy”.
“Thank you for coming to speak to our group. I hear from so many that ‘take a correct breath’ seems to be the answer to their teenagers problems. The message came over loud and clear that we are like wilting daffodils, only shallow breathing, starving our bodies of oxygen. I think your work is invaluable”.

“Thank you again for your past help. I’ve never again let daily worries and stresses get me down”.

“The Breathing and Relaxation Tape has made an incredible difference in two weeks. My stress levels at work are far less than before, I feel more relaxed, happy and confident than I have felt in years”.  Student Nurse

“I would like to take this opportunity of saying that a number of our patients have found the work of great value”. Local GP

“The surgery would be grateful for any information on the wonderful work you offer.”  GP

“Your breathing work continues to help me in all aspects of my life, as a result I managed to get 2.1 honours in Law, something I never conceived possible.” Student

“The breathing work has given me, poise, total control in the classroom, reduced fear and anxiety virtually to nil, enormous reserves of energy, alertness, the ability to think clearly.” Senior Teacher

“I have taken on a commission to make a stained glass window for my local church,something I have always wanted to do but would never have had the confidence had it not been for your relaxation tape.”

“I find that I can relax now where I never ever could before and I have learned to sit on a chair and breathe properly. I can sit for a few minutes, put my feet flat on the floor and I feel a lot better. I did it waiting in the doctors surgery the other morning and it works.”

Participant in reduction of blood pressure correct breath training group

“There are no raised voices now in situations and other things and I am still and calm with my daughter. I find that with the breathing work I have better control.”  Blood pressure participant

The breathing and relaxation has made an incredible difference. In two weeks my stress levels at work are far lass than before. I feel more relaxed, happy and confident than I have felt in years.  Student Nurse

It is the first relaxation tuition I have used so far which has given me a basic understanding and appreciation of what relaxation is, especially concerning the relaxation of breathing.  Woman

There is a massive gap in the health service for people who suffer from anxiety and stress, it is a case of finding your own way out. The work is a lifeline for people who suffer from stress and anxiety – and there are many sufferers. Mother of two young children

Thank you very much for coming to speak to our group (young people’s church group) the feedback has been terrific, from so many mums I hear that ‘take a deep breath’ seems to be the answer to their teenager’s problems. The message came over loud and clear that we are like wilting daffodils with shallow breathing starving our bodies of oxygen.

So many parents have since asked me about your work, which I think is invaluable, and it is very good of you to take the time to impart your knowledge to youngsters.

The lady who spoke to you said to me afterwards, ‘it is so funny, for years I have been trying to find ways to stay calm and at peace, and I’d forgotten the amazing benefits of just taking deep breaths’.

We wish you well with your work, may God continue to bless you.

P.S. I’ve actually been ‘deep breathing’ morning and night as you suggested and in these times of crisis I really feel the benefit. Group leader, church youth club.
Breathing just needs your own lungs, it can be done anywhere at any time.

I still need a breathing assistant with me as a guide to understand my thoughts and to support me through anything that comes up, but already I feel more in control of myself than following drugs or special therapies.” Di

A senior member of the teaching profession wrote the following words,

“What good breathing has done for me:

It has given me:

Total control in the classroom
Reduced fear and anxiety (virtually to nil)
Enormous reserves of energy
The ability to think
Ability to Irish dance (took to it like a duck to water)

Mary – Head of Biology, secondary school