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The background to the setting up of the Trust Your Breath (formerly The Great Big Trust) has arisen from thirty years of personal experience in therapeutic work with thousands of individuals suffering from stress symptoms in all its forms i.e. physical, mental and emotional.

The most persistent observable phenomena underlying an enormous range of symptoms presented by people from all walks of life, professions and age, has been a restricted respiratory pattern i.e. the inability to breathe correctly.  Whatever the problem it has been found virtually without exception that the teaching of corrective breathing has produced enormously beneficial results.

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We believe that the correct breathing pattern is encoded within our being as a natural part of our ability to absorb nourishment.  During the first seven or eight formative years any imposed stress or trauma unable to be resolved by the child results in a symptom of fear which unresolved is carried through puberty into adulthood manifesting itself into muscular tension, poor circulation. lack of brain oxygen and eventually cell degeneration.   Corrective breathing is the obviously natural drugless way to reverse most symptoms, strengthen the auto immune system and act as a disease preventative and self manageable tool in the maintenance of health, i.e. this is a do-it-yourself process and needs to be taught in all educational establishments, community settings and at global level.

To highlight the ethos of the above the Trust is made up of ordinary individuals from all walks of life and professions who have personally experienced a transformational turn around in their lives through the use and awareness of correct breathing. Perhaps superficial and artificial breathing has become the norm for so many people that we may be skeptical in believing that we can use correct breathing to restore ourselves to health, but after all it is the only life-giving force available, free of charge immediately and constantly at hand.

Given the positive impact that this work could have on our lifespan and avoidance of degenerative conditions in later life it seems sensible to take time to understand and use correctly the wonderful free gift that nature gave us at birth.

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