Trust Your Breath regularly runs courses in Correct Breathing. We have two courses of some substance and carrying 10 points each within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.  Students who successfully complete the courses receive 10 credit points for each course.  These credit points can be applied by the student to their university or
college course.

The courses, credit rated through Edinburgh Napier University, are Level 7 Introduction to Correct Breathing and Level 9 The Teaching of Correct Breathing and each takes place over four weekends, with an integration period between each course.

Correct Breathing has timeless roots in history. In modern day life Correct Breathing is a vital tool to greater fulfillment and life quality, improving health and relationships, career building, self-knowledge, and life experience.

Correct natural breathing is for everyone, no matter what age, status or life experience. Develop your breathing pattern to improve your health and happiness, to increase your communication and creative potential, to reduce stress levels and raise confidence, to improve career prospects, and to help others improve their breathing pattern.