Correct Breathing, The True Path to Health – Anne Shearer

Obituary: Anne Shearer, councillor and psychotherapist

Breathe Tension Away – Ran Jan

Breathtaking – unknown author


Trust Your Breath

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The Earth Can Heal Itself – Can You?

Anne Shearer’s life and work as a psychotherapist, stress consultant, spiritual enabler has covered a wealth of hands-on experience and brought her to some unique and interesting thoughts and insights on life and the world we live in.  She challenges those who believe we can conquer nature, and reminds us of how little time we may have left in order to collaborate with nature in order to avoid chaos. Nature will not tolerate much longer the way in which we use and violate her gifts. We have to remind ourselves of our enormous potential to heal and abuse ourselves and the earth, in order to restore balance in ourselves through the power of nature.  Anne believes that as a society we are suffering from an unrecognised pandemic of poor breathing, a limited respiratory pattern which is at the root of our physical, mental and spiritual malaise.

Love, Drugs…  or any city like Glasgow

Written in the 1980’s the book’s message rings true today, as it explores the sources of stress within society and the effects of stress on children, manifesting in adulthood in the form of addictions, violence and compulsive behaviours.  “Man is at war with nature without and his own nature within, and because he has become separated from his true nature, he is killing off his own offspring, by methods so subtle that the means of healing are hidden from the sight of the vast majority – for where the inward eye of love has clouded over, the true spirit is no longer active in the world.”  Anne goes on to outline ways we can reduce stress and illnesses on all levels through natural correct breathing, enabling self-healing for parent and child and a release from destructive addictions and compulsive behaviours.

The New Way To Relax

Here is a practical handbook which teaches you scores of common sense techniques for releasing tension and stress and getting the most out of your energy and out of your life. Follow these simple, tested methods that have helped thousands and you can feel better, look better, and enjoy life far more.