Our Therapists

Anne Freeburn – Trustee  Correct Breathing Practitioner.  Reiki Master.  Metamorphique Process Practitioner.   Nutritional Advisor.  Spiritual Advisor for Tarot & Tea cup reading.  Holland and Barrett, Advanced Product Advisor.

email: annefreeburn@btinternet.com


Anne-Marie Gorman – Trustee  BSc ( Hons).  Post Grad Dip Community Education.  Post Grad Human Ecology.  Wildlife Champion with Sustrans.  Interested in biodiversity in nature and increasing biodiversity through gardening.  Qualified as a breath worker, Module 1&2, Level 7-9, SCQF, Stow College, Glasgow.

email: amgorman2008@yahoo.com


Denise Conroy  Correct Breathing Practitioner.  Spiritual Healer, Metamorphic.  Nutritional Guidance.  PEMF Therapy (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies).  Redox Signalling for optimising health.

email: lifeisformiracles@gmail.com


Ewan Cassie  GTCS, Secondary Education.  Conscious Connected Breathing (Rebirthing).  Qualified Breath Worker, Module 1&2, Level 7-9, SCQF, Stow College, Glasgow.

email: ewancaskie@gmail.com



Gavin Thomson – Trustee  B.Arch (Hons).  NRHP.  Correct Breathing Practitioner.  Hypnotherapist.  Psychotherapist specialising in a neuroscience informed psychotherapy based on tissue/cell memory and the brain’s ultradian creative processing cycles.  Creativity enhancement.  Artist.  Co-founder of Living Pattern Community.

email: gavinthomson1000@gmail.com


Heather Monteith – Trustee  M.A. N.R.H.P. Co-founder of GREAT Big Trust that developed into Trust Your Breath.  Correct Breathing practitioner & trainer.  Metamorphique Process (feet, hands, & head) practitioner and trainer.  Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.  Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Artist.  Creativity enhancement.

email: heather.monteith@gmail.com


Karen Campbell – Trustee  Psychology MA (Hons).  BA (Teaching Qualification in Adult Literacies).  Correct Breath Practitioner.  Alliance Certified CYS Hatha Raja Yoga teacher.

email: campbellkarenm@yahoo.co.uk



Kenneth Easdon – Trustee  BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist. Correct Breathing Practitioner

email: kenneth@holistictherapist.co.uk



Lorraine Mahon – Trustee  BETD BAF reg. Holistic Health & Well Being Specialist.  EFT Practitioner.  Oxydance Director.  Bespoke. Life Coach.  High Vibe, Heart Based Artist.  Transformational, Intuitive Speaker.  Correct Breath Teacher-Facilitator.  Bi-Aura (Bio-Energy) Therapy Practitioner.  Metamorphique Process Teacher-Practitioner

email: lorraine.mahon@outlook.com


Marion Jenkins – Trustee  Practitioner in Hopi ear candling. Practitioner/Teacher in Metamorphic technique.  Practitioner/Teacher in Reiki (Reiki Master) facilitator at Angel relaxation sessions.  Level 7 in correct Breathing.

email: mariontgjenkins1@gmail.com


Mary Winters – Trustee  Correct Breathing Practitioner & Trainer.  Metamorphique Process (feet, hands, & head) Practitioner & Trainer.  Reiki.  Chi Gong.




Veronica McBurnie – Medical Advisor  MBChB, MRCGP, DFFP, LFHom(Med) and Dip Diabetic Med.  GP in central Scotland with an interest in holistic medicine.  Breathwork, homeopathy, energy medicine, Power of Clearing coaching & voice analysis using Aquera VA.  Passionate musician running music classes and workshops to encourage healing & wellness through singing.